Very good hot tub


“Delivery was about a week. The spa took about 5 minutes to inflate and 2 hours to fill. We set the temperature to 38 degrees C which took about 12 hours to achieve. We had to inflate it again however the next day as it had lost a bit of rigidity. Only took seconds to re-inflate. We had a chemical kit already which you really need before using so I would advise buying with the spa so you’re not running around looking for one. The spa itself is great. Quite powerful jets which have eased my back pain considerably. I’m going to buy a booster seat for me but hubby sat in it and he was fine. Only used it twice but hopefully when it eventually stops raining we’ll use it every day.”

Best hot tub for money


“I bought this hot tub just over a week ago. Came boxed up, opened it, took out, easy instructions and was up and ready to fill in 7 minutes. Took about 20 mins to fill and around 8 hrs to heat. Takes up a small amount of room and it is only meant to hold 4 people but could comfortably fit 5, maybe 6. I would highly recommend this hot tub.”

Easy to set up Love it


“Had the hot tub two weeks now. Love it! Heating up didn’t take too long and it does keep the heat in with the lid on. When not in use for a couple of days temperature does drop a little.”

A great hot tub at a bargain price


“I was looking for a hot tub that was good quality and also value for money. I looked online and in stores and there was a lot to choose from. I decided on the Borneo as the reviews were good overall. Once inflated, the hot tub took about 2 hours to fill, and then 12 hours to heat. It cost initially £6 to heat the water, and then to maintain and run, approximately £1.50 a day (Costing from Smart Meter). You can comfortably fit in 4 large adults. A good buy!”

Great hot tub


“Easy to set up and heated quicker than I thought it would.”

Really excellent for the price


“Bought this a few weeks ago after my Canada Spa Hot Tub gave up. For 1/4 of the price it seemed like a good alternative as the inflatable hot tubs don’t last that long. I am really impressed with this product. Its easy set up and design are great. I like that the heater and filer are built into the wall of the hot tub. The sides are rigid enough to sit on and it took less than 24 hours to heat up.”

Borneo CleverSpa – Surprised


“I was very surprised with my purchase. I had searched different models of hot tub and went for this one because everything is built in. It includes ground sheet and an insulated cover. Following the instructions it took just 4 minutes to fully insulate, 90 mins to fill to the Min line and 3 and half hours to heat to 35 degrees. We had a family of four in the hot tub and there was room for one more. I would certainly recommend this Borneo CleverSpa to all my friends and family.”

Just fantastic!


“This Borneo CleverSpa is so easy to set up – even I couldn’t believe how quick it blew up! Took about an hour to fill and we left it on to heat over night, by the morning it was 42 degrees – a bit hot, you can set the temp you want though. Emptying it is easy, unscrew the cap on the outside and pull the plug on the inside! We are tending to empty it every 10 days or there about.”

“Living the Dream” with the Borneo CleverSpa


“Such a brilliant buy!. What makes it different is the built-in filter and heater system and the unique pattern on the outside – blends in with any garden. The self-inflating is amazing – no air pumps required. The portability of the hot tub means you can place or take it anywhere. Easy set up and ready to use 24 hours after delivery – fab!”

Borneo CleverSpa, a great purchase!


“Great set up good size looks fab in garden not unsightly like the blue / coloured hot tubs great value for money”